Legacy Cheerleading

This is Legacy Cheerleading! Manitoba's newest Allstar cheerleading program. We are built on a foundation of dedication to our athletes, and ran by a group of talented and knowledgeable community members who keep the progress of our sport and it's athletes at the forefront of their minds. Each member of Legacy is a driven and self motivated athlete, who was brought up on the same virtues and guiding values that we hope to bestow upon our athletes. Since day one we have focused on principles of success such as perseverance, focus, determination and confidence. With these ideas guiding us, and with these thoughts being placed and nurtured in the minds of our young ones, we were able to have an incredibly successful debut season, and will continue to refine our craft, to push our program into the spotlight.

Every business can tell you what they do, but let us explain why we do it. We are here to give our athletes everything that cheer has given us. We are here to promote confidence in our youth. We here to safely develop the body and minds of these kids into the most successful versions of themselves. We are here to meticulously and patiently grow our athletes as individuals at their own pace, through carefully and strategically designed progressions. Lastly, we are here to show the world that cheerleading is one of the most challenging and rewarding sports in the world, and that cheer is home to some of the best athletes the world has to offer.

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Legacy Cheerleading is thrilled to present the Push to Provincials cheerleading competition!
We are striving to make this the most legendary competition in Manitoba!

 All participating athletes will receive a one of a kind athlete gift
Lunch will be provided for all registered coaches!

We will be offering all Manitoba Cheer Federation (MCF) categories:

Cheer Routine         Partner Stunt          Individuals
Motions Routine          Group Stunt          Duos


The Push to Provincials will be held at the SunGro Centre located at 360 Veterans Lane in Beausejour, Manitoba


2019 Push to Provincials will be held on April 13, 2019