Legacy Cheerleading

This is Legacy Cheerleading! Manitoba's newest Allstar cheerleading program. We are built on a foundation of dedication to our athletes, and ran by a group of talented and knowledgeable community members who keep the progress of our sport and it's athletes at the forefront of their minds. Each member of Legacy is a driven and self motivated athlete, who was brought up on the same virtues and guiding values that we hope to bestow upon our athletes. Since day one we have focused on principles of success such as perseverance, focus, determination and confidence. With these ideas guiding us, and with these thoughts being placed and nurtured in the minds of our young ones, we were able to have an incredibly successful debut season, and will continue to refine our craft, to push our program into the spotlight.

Every business can tell you what they do, but let us explain why we do it. We are here to give our athletes everything that cheer has given us. We are here to promote confidence in our youth. We here to safely develop the body and minds of these kids into the most successful versions of themselves. We are here to meticulously and patiently grow our athletes as individuals at their own pace, through carefully and strategically designed progressions. Lastly, we are here to show the world that cheerleading is one of the most challenging and rewarding sports in the world, and that cheer is home to some of the best athletes the world has to offer.

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This year saw the growth and success of 4 groups of athletes, many of who were new to the sport
Mini Marvels, Youth Descendants, Senior Prodigy and Open Coed Legends



Marvels saw kids from as young as four, to eight years old learn the fundamentals and basics of cheer. Though many of them started with no experience in the sport in September, by the end of the season many of them had mastered basic tumbling skills, and they preformed their last two routines without the need of any assistance from their coaches, placing 1st in the provincial championships to end the year. They grew so much in both skills and personality, and made many new friends along the way!



Descendants progressed so far in seven months, it was almost impossible to recognize the team that began the year. Under the guidance of Alice Charles, Hailey Musto, and Mackenzie Gmiterek these kids learned a lot about stunting, but where they truly excelled was tumbling. Every single Descendant learned at least one level 2 skill, with many of them reaching full level 2 ability by the end of the season. They were an incredibly high energy team; and their showmanship and hard work shined through with every performance, which was always better than the last.



Prodigy really pushed their limits with stunting, and dazzled with their incredibly high level tumbling. For a team that was built of many inexperienced stunters, they smashed their and their coaches' goals and expectations with their building skills; where they really shined though was in their tumbling performances. With a team obsessed with tumbling, and the hearts to push themselves at all times they deservedly earned the highest tumbling score of the province over the whole season, with a 98 percentage of perfection in their March competition! They also had the opportunity to travel to Calgary for a competition to see some of our nation's best teams, and to bond with and learn from our Legends team. Prodigy set themselves up for a promising future through the bar they set with this year's performances, and with the friendships they made as a team.



Legends was arguably the highest point that cheerleading has reached in manitoba. We saw the pinnacle of our program hit the highest level of success on the global scale this province has had, at the most difficult level of competition. Legends received a bid to compete at the world championships in Calgary after putting on a performance that put our program on the map, and into the minds and mouths of cheerleaders all over the country. Legends were great leaders and role models for our program; making up a good portion of our coaching staff, and constantly inspiring the younger teams to have something to strive for in the sport. Being able to go to worlds in our debut year has been a huge accomplishment, and we look forward to continuing it annually; constantly looking to better ourselves!


Legacy has smashed all of our goals and expectations for our debut year. We look forward to pushing and progressing the sport in the province by sticking to our fundamental principles, and by using our virtues to mould our youth into future leaders to carry the torch. Thank you to everyone who has supported us, and we promise to continue to work hard to be the best we can be! See you in the new season!